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Parent Volunteer Group (PVG)

The PVG is the parent-teacher organization at our school. Our organization’s goals are to create opportunities for families to celebrate our children, bring families together, provide opportunities to give back to our communities, and help foster life-long friendships.


Upcoming Events


Family Bingo: Friday, January 18th

Father Daughter Dance: Friday, February 1st

Talent Show: Friday, April 5th

Grandparents Day: Friday, May 3rd (morning event)

Festival of the Arts: Friday, May 3rd (evening event)




Current Volunteer Opportunities



The Helping Hands Program: this program provides support such as meals, play dates, etc. to school families undergoing a hardship. Volunteers receive email alerts requesting sign-up for specific help, as needed.


Sign-up: Helping Hands Parent Volunteer Sign-Up 


Other Program Information 


The PVG Lead Team: Lisa Bell, Natalia Blason, Kathleen Fennelly, Carol Koutouvides, Lauren McMurry, and Robyn Neto


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