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In School and On-Line Learning


At The Catholic Academy of Stamford, we care deeply about the physical and social emotional well-being of all our students. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to excellence in the total academic experience, whether in school or on-line.

 All of our classrooms have been prepared for in-class instruction. This includes social distancing between students and teachers, small classroom student-teacher ratios, use of personal protective gear, safety, new classroom transitional and lunch time protocols.

Additionally, we are completely prepared for online distance learning if needed. Some parents may choose to continue their students at-home experience due to personal situations and individual comfort levels. We are also prepared for sudden closure should it become necessary. If during the school year it is necessary for us to transition to a distance learning experience it will be seamless for our teachers and students.

We view our partnership with parents as vital to the whole experience.

We invite you to take a look at the Diocesan Reopening Plan as well. This document pertains to all Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Bridgeport and provides guidance to each individual school and administrator in our planning to reopen school for the 2020-2021 school year. Please read it carefully so that you understand the regulations and the guidance given to schools which will inform local decisions and plans. Diocese Re-Opening Plan.

Please see also the specific Re-Opening Plan for The Academy.

We’re confident that the important classroom and social experience, for all students, can be assured, with excellence in student learning beginning the fall 2020.

Thank you for choosing The Catholic Academy of Stamford!