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Buddy Program

 We are a community at The Catholic Academy of Stamford.


In every sense of the word- families with teachers, students with their peers, parents together, The Academy seeks to build ties that bind for a lifetime.


Nowhere is this more important than among our students.


One of our students’ favorite activities is the Buddy Program. Monthly and more, our grade 6-8 students- spend time in class with our younger students. Bonds between the younger and older students are formed.  Our younger students gain confidence in the future. Our older students gain sensitivity and learn more about helping others. CAS strengthens its sense of community from within.


“Buddies” read together, even aloud in groups. Older students help the younger ones with English and math problems, have fun time and much, much more. Teacher-supervised, yet student performed, the Buddy Program provides relational time all students look forward to, and relationships that continue well-beyond elementary and middle school.