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Angela Gaudiano

1st Grade Teacher’s Assistant






I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.  My two siblings and I attended Catholic schools from elementary to high school.  I have two children who both attended Catholic schools in Stamford.  I truly believe in Catholic education and strongly support it.


I began volunteering at Our Lady Star of the Sea School in 1997 when I enrolled my daughter in Pre-K4.  As a parent, I was very involved in the school and it felt very much like a close knit family.  In 2008, I was asked to substitute in the Pre-K4 class and in January 2009, I was offered a position as a teacher’s assistant for Pre-K3.  I remained in that position until June 2017.  In addition to being the assistant in Pre-K3, I was also the school librarian.  As of September 2017, I am the assistant in the 1st grade and school librarian. 


In the last 20 years of involvement with the Catholic schools, I have come to respect and honor the institution of Catholic education for its commitment to quality and faith-based learning.  In my experience, the teachers and administrators have always been very dedicated to their students.  My work as a teacher’s assistant has been very gratifying.  It is inspiring to see the children advancing and growing in both faith and knowledge. 




  • High School Diploma – 1980 Roussin Academy, Montreal, Quebec



Professional Experience/Recognitions:


  • Our Lady Star of the Sea School

School Parent Volunteer                                                            1997-2008

Substitute Teacher’s Assistant Pre-K4                                       2008

Teacher’s Assistant Pre-K3/School Librarian                            2009 -2017/ Library - 2014-2017                                                                                                                      

  • Catholic Academy of Stamford – Lower School

Teacher’s Assistant 1st Grade/School Librarian                          Present