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                                                                                                                Science – Grades 6 and 8





I have always thought that a student centered classroom where the students lead the discussion and discovery is the most effective teaching style for science education.  I see myself as a facilitator asking questions, working to guide students to comprehend concepts they can build a body of knowledge on. 

The Catholic Academy of Stamford allows me the freedom to do this and try out new ideas with only the education of each student in mind.  The respect between teachers and students in a Catholic school helps make this possible.  I look forward to each day as an exciting day of discovery.



  • BS. Industrial Technology (Central Connecticut State University)
  • MS. Geoscience Mississippi State University

Professional Experience/Recognitions:

  • 24 years Science Educator in public and private school
  • Grant Awards: Energize Connecticut:   Built solar greenhouse and investigated alternative sources of energy.  Established a school weather station.




Recent Posts

6,7,8th Science

We are progressing nicely toward our Science Fair on Dec. 6. Students are being given time in science class to write up their presentations on google docs. Students will be working on their experiments and projects at home and I thank you for your help and encouragement. I tell the students everyday that I'm available for help and I check on everyone's progress weekly. Now is the time when a deadline can cause anxiety, talk with your child abut their progress and tell them to come to me for help and guidance. Thank you again for your help  Mr. Hyland

6,7,8th Science

6th  We will track hurricanes and tropical storms and study the water cycle.
7th  We will study the organ systems of the human body.
8th   We will study the elements and how to use the periodic table.
All classes will be preparing for science fair

6,7,8th Science

6th We will continue to track and learn about Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. We will have an assessment (test) on Thurs. Students will be provided with a study guide and should also study their notebooks.
7th We will move form cells to more complex organisms, including the human body and its systems.
8th We will start studying about atoms and the elements of the periodic table. We will have an assessment (test) on Wed. on chemical reactions. Students will be provided a study guide and should also study their notebooks.
All classes will start thinking about their Science Fair Projects. Our fair is Dec. 6th this year

Science 9/24 -9/28

6th We will continue tracking hurricanes and storms. We will learn what causes winds, both local and global. We will study the affects of winds on our weather.
7th We will be observing pond water, looking for living organisms, both large and small. We will have a quiz on cell organelles on Thurs.
8th We will learn how to write chemical equations and the Law of Conservation of matter.

Science 9/17-9/21

6th grade; Will be tracking and studying about hurricanes. How they are formed, how they move and why they cause so many problems. We will also be learning about other weather phenomenon in the atmosphere.
7th grade. Will be learning about plant and animal cells, their organelles and functions. We will use the microscopes to observe cells in the labs and write reports.
8th grade Will learn about different chemical reactions in different inquiry labs with reports. They will start learning about how atoms cause these reactions.