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September 2022

Mat Man Activity.  First we watched the video, then I demonstrated by how to assemble Mat Man .  Next the children were each given a piece of Mat Man to assemble as a group.  This was so they can see and learn how to draw a person.  We will be doing monthly self-portraits, which you will see how their drawing skills have improved throughout the year.
Copy and paste the link to view the Mat Man video.
First few weeks of school; children during exploration time and art class with Mrs. Lorenti.  They mixed colors with finger paint to see what new color they could make.
Lesson on apples on the outdoor learning space.  The children listened to the story "I Am an Apple" by Jean Marzolla, which tells about the life cycle of an apple.  We also did apple tasting and graphed the results this week.
Next week we will make applesauce and mini apple cider donuts.  More photos to follow.
The Ferguson Library Bookmobile visited Pre-K on Wednesday, September 28th.  They will be back at the end of each month and weather permitting the children will listen to stories on the outdoor learning space.  We are not yet allowed to go on to the Bookmobile.  The next visit is on October 26th.
Apple Cider Donuts Activity
Applesauce Activity