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                                                Diane LaRoche-Halkides

                                                Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

                                                Email:  [email protected]



 I was born and raised in Stamford, Connecticut to two European immigrants. I have three adult children three grandsons and one grandaughter.  I am a product of the environment that I was raised in, which is honest and hardworking. Both of my parents grew up during WWII and arrived in the United States as young adults. They overcame adversity; living in poverty as children and having to start over in a new country where they didn't speak the language. My parents were proud to be American citizens, to own a home and be able to make a life worth living for themselves and their two children.  They were stern in my upbringing and expected that my sister and I contribute to the household by completing our chores or helping when they asked. My parent's didn't believe in giving an allowance.  To earn my own money I began babysitting during middle school and developed a love for children during that time..


Although my parents held my sister and I to a high standard and wouldn't except anything less than our best, they still loved to have a good time. Our door was always open; it was rare that my parents weren't entertaining in our home. My mother is a perfect host and anyone who has had the pleasure of being in her company knows that she is known for culinary expertise. My father, was a carpenter, a generous man who always offered his time and services to family and friends in need. My parents instilled these humble virtues of generosity, kindness and love by the way they lived their lives.


I am so excited to be a part of The Catholic Academy of Stamford. Teaching has been passion of mine for so many years. I look forward to working with the preschoolers and their families, and introducing them to their Catholic education.



  • A. Human Development & Family Services (UCONN Stamford, Stamford)
  • S. Early Childhood Education (Norwalk Community College, Norwalk)
  • Master's in Early Childhood Education (Grand Canyon University)


Professional Experience/Recognitions:

  • 4 years Kindergarten Para Educator, K.T. Murphy Elementary School, Stamford
  • 11 years Pre-K Teacher, Childcare Learning Centers, Stamford
  • 4 years Pre-K Teacher, St. Clement’s Preschool, Stamford
  • 1 year Pre-K Teacher, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stamford
  • 5 years Pre-K Teacher, Catholic Academy of Stamford