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My name is Christopher Arcuri, and I am delighted to be part of the Catholic Academy of Stamford community. I live in Ridgefield, CT and a parishioner of Saint Elizabeth Seton Church. Inspired by my Pastor, I am involved in its spiritual and social activities. 

While living in Ridgefield, I attended the Ridgefield Public Schools. Upon graduating, I attended Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. I attained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. After that, I attended Saint Joseph University in Hartford. I earned my Masters Degree with a concentration in Reading and Language Arts. Furthermore, I continued to increase my professional development by attending various workshops related to curriculum areas.

While teaching my students, I always reflect on my mission to implement a nurturing, respectful and trustworthy as well as a spiritual learning environment for my students. Therefore, my students can develop a positive spirit while engaging in all learning experiences throughout the entire school day.

Finally, I enjoy reading books, spending time with friends and family and watching sporting events

  • Saint Joseph University – Hartford, Ct
  • Master’s Degree – Reading and Language Arts
  • Franklin Pierce University – Rindge, NH
  • Bachelor of Arts – Elementary Education

Professional Experience:
  • 15 teaching years in Catholic Schools


Class 1-A Update

Thank you for all your generous donations for our coin challenge!
Wed (3/22) Religion Test - Lent Review Sheet was sent home!
Fri (3/24)  1. Spelling Test
                 2. Stations of the Cross - 1:00 (Gym Uniforms and sneakers)
New field trip slips are to be filled out, signed and returned by Friday March 24. 
We are starting a new unit in math. For the next few weeks, the children will be working on measurement activities. In addition, it's important for the children to continue practicing learning their addition and subtraction facts up to 20. Also, review counting groups of money and telling time to the hour & half hour.
Thank you and God Bless.

Class 1-A Update: Week of March 13th

Monday: ( 3/13) Penny Challenge:
                           Thank you for your donations to the school!!!
Tuesday: (3/14) Class Field Trip: Postponed (TBD)
Wednesday: (3/15) Regular Scheduled Day
Thursday: (3/16) Casual Dress for a Cause - Catholic Relief Services
                            2.00 donation (Wear Green)
                            Half Day: 11:15 dismissal (Professional Development)
Friday: (3/17) Spelling Test Today
                       Math Test Today - Chapter 8
                       Beyond the Bell Session Ends

Class 1-A Update

3/6 Monday: CoGat Testing Begins
                     Field Trip Slips and Money are due tomorrow
3/7 Tuesday: CoGat Testing
3/8 Wednesday: CoGat Testing
                           Spirit Wear and Popcorn
3/9 Thursday: CoGat Testing
3/10 Friday: Stations of the Cross 1:00
                    No Morning Mass
                    Gym Uniforms and sneakers are fine
A Look Ahead...
Tuesday: (3/14) Field Trip to the Palace Theater in Stamford
Thursday: (3/16) Half Day 11:15 dismissal
                            Teacher Professional Development
Friday: (3/17) Spelling Test
                       Math Test - Chapter 8
                       Beyond the Bell S. Ends

Class 1-A update

Monday (2/27) Normal Schedule 
Tuesday (2/28) No School: Official Snow day. No online classes
Wednesday (3/1) Normal Schedule
Thursday (3/2) Reading Across America Day! 
Friday (3/3) Spelling Test Today
                   First Friday Mass. Regular Uniforms with shoes. 
                   Bring in sneakers to change into.
Other Announcements:
1. Have your child bring in their favorite Dr. Seuss book by Wednesday, March 1st. Please make sure your child's name is on the book
2. From last week, Please bring in a small Ziploc bag containing 1 penny, 1 nickel, one dime and one quarter. Name on the bag please.
3. I am encouraging the children to practice counting small amounts of money at home for practice. 

Snow Day & Homework

Hello Parents and Students
Due to the snow day, it is not expected for Tuesday's Homework to be completed today. Reading for 20 minutes is optional. All homework assignments are to be completed and turned in by this Friday.
Thank you

Class 1-A update

Monday & Tuesday: No School (Presidents Day Weekend)
Wednesday: Mass with the distribution of ashes at 8:30 a.m. Mass
Thursday: Regular Schedule
Friday: Spelling Test Today (10 words)
            No Mass this morning. Stations of the Cross at 1:00p.m.
                    Other Important Announcements in Grade 1
1. Please bring in a small Ziploc bag containing only one penny, one nickel, 1 dime and 1 quarter. Please make sure your child's name is on the bag. Bring it in by Friday the 24th. Thank you.
2. The children will take a spelling test this Friday on the 24th. The words are from last week. Please have your children review them a little each night. 
3. The reading log for this week needs to be filled out for Wednesday and Thursday. Monday and Tuesday is optional if your child read during the holiday break.

Valentine's Day News

Students are allowed to bring in their Valentines to all their classmates on Tuesday, February 14th. Please make sure each student will receive a Valentine from your child. No food or candy please. I have 8 X10 bags for the students to decorate on Monday. I also have stickers and a few other items for the children to use. If your child would like to bring in Valentine's Day stickers to decorate their bags with, that's fine. Thank you!

Class Supplies/ Special Thanks

Dear Parents,
Please check with your child to see how they are doing with their school supplies. Some students need glue sticks, scissors and crayons. Our class has enough pencils and big erasers. Thank you to the families that donated water for our fabulous first graders. We all had a wonderful week during Catholics Schools Week. Thank you for all the beautiful cards and gifts you gave me during Catholic School Week. May God continue to bless us all.
Mr. Arcuri

100th Days of School Project

The 100th Day School Project is due this coming Monday, February 6th. 
Please securely glue, staple, or tape 100 items on a poster board. (No food items please) Before attaching the 100 items to the poster board, your child needs to group and then count the 100 items in one of three different ways: By 2's, 5's and 10's in order to practice the important skill of "skip counting" Finally, please make sure your child's name and title is on the project. Looking forward to seeing all of the projects! 

Catholic School Week Events

Catholic Schools Events

Monday: 1/30: Career Day-Mr. Green and Mrs. Bal are visiting our classroom!
Tuesday 1/31: Wear your favorite sports jersey and bring 1 can of soup
Wednesday 2/1: EARLY DISMISSAL- NO aftercare or beyond the bell
                           Pajama Day!
Thursday 2/2: Student Appreciation Day-NO HOMEWORK!!!
                        Dress Down Day for Malta House-donate at least $2
                        to support homeless mothers and babies
Friday 2/3:  Mass and Spirit Wear Day (with sneakers)
                    5th Grade Mass and special activity with Buddies                                                   

Class 1-A Update

Monday (1/23) Early Dismissal 11:15 
Friday (1/27) Spelling Test (10 words)
Friday (1/27) Religion Test: Chapter 18
Friday (1/27) Mass 8:30 Gym uniforms and sneakers are to be worn
Other Announcements:
1. Daughter Dance forms due by Friday
2. Developmental Reading Assessments begin this week! (Individual test)
Special Thanks!
Thank you for our families who donated water bottles this week for the children.
Thank you to our 5th grade buddies this week. Both classes met together on Friday to share some time doing a few fun activities. 

Class 1- A Update

1/20 Spelling Test
1/20 Math Test: Chapter 6
1/20 Mass 8:30 Gym uniforms and sneakers
* We are in need of small water bottles for our class. The new water fountains are temporarily out of order. Please send in extra drinks with your children.
* Prayers Tested: The students will be tested on knowing the Hail Mary and Our Father prayers this week and next. Please practice with your children at home. I will talk to the class on Tuesday about this.
* 100th Day Project. This week I will be sending home a note explaining what the 100th day project the children will be working on at home. Stay tuned. 
*Career Day

This year CAS will be holding a career day during Catholic Schools Week. We are asking 3-4 willing parents to come in at different times to discuss their occupation. We want the students to see that there are many jobs within our  catholic communities.

Career Day will be held on Monday, January 30th. 

If the day does not work for you, please let me know and we can schedule another time throughout the week of the 30th-3rd of February.

If you would like to participate you must be Virtus trained to come in to speak with our class. Please let me know by Monday, January 23rd if you would like to join us. 

Class Update 1-A

Monday: 1/9/23 Beyond the Bell Session II begins
Tuesday: 1/10/23 Regular Schedule
Wednesday: 1/11/23 Spirit Day and Popcorn
Thursday: 1/12/23 Religion Test on Baptism (Chapter 17)
                 Review Sheet will be sent home on Monday 1/9.
                 Information is online as well
Friday: 1/13/23 Mass: 8:30 Gym clothes and sneakers
             Spelling Test on 10 words
Looking to Next Week:
Monday: 1/16/23 No School MLK Weekend
Thursday: 1/19/23 Math Test
Friday: 1/20/23 Spelling Test

Week of January 2nd

Welcome Back CAS Families!
Important Announcements in 1-A 
Thursday: 1/5 Make up Spelling and Math Test will be administered today
Friday: 1/6 Mass 8:30 First Friday Mass: Students must wear regular uniforms. Sneakers may be worn or changed into after mass.
Friday: 1/6 Spelling Test 
Please continue to review adding and subtracting up to 18. This weeks math work with be addition up to 18. Next week is subtraction. 
Check in with your child about their class supplies. Some children are in need of crayons, scissors, and other items.
Looking forward to seeing everyone back at CAS. God Bless!
Mr. Arcuri

Class Update 1-A

Monday: 12/19 Normal Schedule 
Tuesday: 12/20 No Afterschool.  Pick up by car or bus
Tuesday: 12/20 Religion Assessment on Christmas and Advent
Wednesday: 12/21 Math Test on Chapter 5
Thursday: 12/22  Mass: Regular School Uniforms
                             Early Dismissal: 11:15 Pick up
Friday: 12/23 No School