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Cash Raffle 2021

CAS not only reached our goal for the Fall Cash Raffle of 2021, we exceeded it! The final total raised was $80,350.55. Thank you to all for making our Cash Raffle a huge success! We appreciate your support!  
A very special thank you to our Raffle Co-Chairs, Keri La Ra and Callie Huang! Thank you both for all of your time, dedication and effort you poured into helping CAS exceed our goal!
Special thanks to:
Class Captains: Jackie Schell, Bill Hudock, Melody Poma, Christina Arconti, Callie Huang 
Our First Responders: Jeffrey Stella, Bradley Shelley, Kristen Browne 
If you'd like to be part of the raffle planning committee for 2022, please reach out to
Congratulations to Sophie Huang, for being our top seller in the school. She sold 410 tickets! Hear about her efforts in the below video. 

In our Beat Miss Brady competition; both Sophie Huang and Sydney Lundgren will be joining Miss Brady for lunch, as both sold more raffle tickets than Miss Brady! Congrats!

And the top selling classroom this year... Ms. Yamane's third grade class! The students were surveyed at the beginning of the year, and Movie Party was chosen as the prize with popcorn included!
You can watch the below video featuring this year's winner and last year's winner, Sophie Huang give advice on how to sell raffle tickets. Sophie sold 410 tickets in 2021 and 307 tickets in 2020! GREAT JOB SOPHIE!