Upper School Science Fair

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Science Fair Winners:


8th Grade


1st Place:

Sierra Wood

Morgan Vossler

Andrew Buchkowski


2nd Place:

Olivia Bachman

Nicole Salantay

David Mangahis and Nick Tancs


3rd Place:

Lucas Duarte

Brandon Astacio

Sophia D’Elia and Julies Ingram


7th Grade


1st Place:

Megan McLaughlin

Alyssa Casiano


Robert Grande

Perry Kounavelis


Eden Cheung


2nd Place:

Maddie Beck and Mauve Dawson

Gianna Olivarria  and Grayce Journick

 Bruce Rutherford


3rd Place:

Iggy Zelaya

Anna Olesnevich and Nicole Pantanella


6th Grade

1st Place:

Gabby Coppola and Rachel Janik

Chris Coridon and Jack Boyle

Mike DiPreta and Anton Srdanovic


2nd Place:

James Duggan

Angelika Rus

Bryan Larkin


3rd Place:

Nick Cannon and Colin D’Onofrio

Ethan Carvalho

Shea Fennelly